Ken Hodgeson, founder of TBLM, serves as Missionary to the Honduran people. He has traveled across the world many times working extensively with police, military and government officials and is working with the Honduran government to restore relationships between authorities and the community. Ken has been invited by the Honduran congress to sit in session and help them establish laws to protect women and children from slavery, sexual exploitation and violence.  His counseling materials have been published by the Honduran government and used to teach and train police officers. He is recognized internationally as a speaker and authority in biblical counseling specifically in Latin America. In Nicaragua he is a radio and T.V. spokesperson for counseling and was known in radio as the 'late night voice of Nicaragua'. Ken lives in Phoenix with his wife Mimi, and has 3 grown children.


Ken's one year sabbatical ends march 2014.

Founder and Missionary

Ken Hodgeson

Board Chair

Dale Hodgeson

Dale Hodgeson brings 35 years of experience in the corporate environment managing people. He is a Father, Husband, and Leader. Dale has spent 10 years in ministry work including leading men’s groups and couple’s groups in Phoenix and Tucson. Dale is an Elder in his church and teaches Sunday school and speaks at men’s retreats. Dale travels to Honduras working and training police, leading team members in devotions, and ministering at the orphanage and girl's home. He has received training from Mars Hill Seminary in coping with sexual abuse, SALT’s training, and Open Hearts Ministry. Dale lives in Tucson Arizona with his wife and 2 children.


Kristie Gillespie

Kristie Gillespie serves as Treasurer for Thin Blue Line Ministries. She has a long time background in bookkeeping and has had a career in the medical field for the past 18 years. She enjoys concurrently functioning as a board member of a nonprofit organization for women in need and is a group leader for a women’s expressive arts group.


Colleen Holman

Colleen brings more than 15 years of corporate management experience and 12 years of nonprofit experience to the board of TBLM.  In her 15 years, she traveled throughout the United States and Canada, meeting with State and federal regulators and speaking to groups and organizations.  In 2001 she made a life change and left the corporate sector to begin working with ministry organizations. Colleen along with 5 other women founded Safe Harbor House; a nonprofit ministry that provides a home and healing to women in need.  Colleen also teaches classes to the local community on preventing childhood sexual abuse.


Scott Crook

Scott Crook has served on several boards in Honduras as President of the Honduran Hotel Association and Treasurer of the Central American Hotel Association. In the US he has been a member of Friendship Sports International board since 2002.  Scott and his wife Mimi opened the Humuya Inn in 1996 which is a small boutique hotel and corporate apartments in Honduras. Scott and his wife along with their 3 daughters lived in Honduras for 20 years before relocating to Phoenix Arizona to be a part of TBLM.

Katie Vandik has been serving as Secretary of the Board since 2009. She is a manager at an adult homeless shelter in downtown Phoenix and has her Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. She has traveled to Haiti and Honduras on mission trips and has had a heart of service since she became a Believer in 2004.


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