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Thin Blue Line Ministry International

P.O. Box 54520 Phoenix, Arizona 85078

Thin Blue Line Ministries Intl. is a charitable organization established with the following specific purposes:


• Provide support and strengthen the morale of police and military by providing supplemental technical and tactical training which can be used to subdue a hostile perpetrator safely without the use of a deadly weapon.


• Strengthen military, local police, and government officials through providing counseling and teaching in dealing with trauma, stress and pressure and the affects of these in all areas of life, as well as ministering and providing healing in all areas of need.


• Offer strategic counsel concerning key matters of public safety such as sex trafficking, gang violence, organized crime, etc.


• Connect with police and military in personal relationships that are supportive, encouraging, and uplifting on a personal and professional level.


• Share the Good News of life in Christ Jesus in a way that is clear and relevant to men and women in uniform, government officials, and to men, women, and children affected by crime.


• Follow up with relationships and personal spiritual growth of individuals.


• Develop working solutions in the lives of people directly affected by crime through means such as operating an orphanage, etc.


• Work with other believers and local churches in host countries as much as possible and/or begin a local church to help new believers grow and equip nationals to minister.


• Establish a model piloted in one country which can be incorporated in a number of other countries.


• Show the greatness, power, and grace of Jesus Christ through faithful service and courageous obedience, integrity, loyalty, and self sacrificing love.